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Worship Me.

Moved here from Tumblr (@yourdomtoserve). My sexual appetite is indescribable. Always horny looking for holes to abuse. I'm 32, 6'2, fit, Danish, blonde, successful with a 8 inch thick cock. Training my faggot @filthyfoulqueer, but always looking for more fags to use. I live in Austin, TX, but also work in London and Copenhagen. Wanna serve me?

I want you to push any other fag out of the way to prove how bad you want my perfect, yellow, salty, hot piss.

If you can't swallow my massive cock in one gulp, you will be trained, painfully.

Sure, you eating my ass feels good. But I get the most pleasure from laughing at how disgustingly gross you are for doing it, fag... for hours on end.

One lick of my sweaty, hairy, manly, perfect pit and you are hooked for life, pig.

Wear my ball sweat like perfume, fag.

Get to work on my sweaty pits, pig. I just finished working out and they stink.

My dick is so thick, and so long, and so perfect it will instantly make your eyes roll back in pleasure while I fuck you hard, rough and raw pig. 

Tell me how bad you want it.

I like my dick pigs fried.

I fuck for my pleasure only. Not yours, pig.

Show me how bad you want my cum with your eyes, fag.

My face is the perfect seat for your sweaty ass, Sir.

Good. I just came back from a long, run in the Texas heat... Who wants to worship my ass?